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After experiencing fire and flooding, smoke and mildew residue can wreak havoc on your belongings, potentially leading to their destruction. Your personal items may necessitate professional intervention for complete restoration. With the right methods, numerous items that seem irreparable can be effectively cleaned and salvaged. Our experts at Best Option Restoration of East Louisville  are equipped with the expertise to handle your possessions delicately, ensuring they receive the necessary care and attention for restoration.


When facing the aftermath of a disaster at home or in your business, the task of cleaning up and restoring everything can feel daunting and insurmountable. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed by the enormity of the situation. Fortunately, assistance is available. Best Option Restoration of East Louisville is the local disaster recovery team serving East Louisville, ready to assist you in the cleanup process regardless of the scale of the damage.

Beyond the obvious areas that require restoration, there's a multitude of items within the affected area that also demand attention. These are the cherished possessions—the contents of your home—that hold significant value. Your furniture, family treasures, your children’s toys—these are the tangible memories that weave the narrative of your life. They're now compromised by water, smoke, or mold damage.


You might not know this, but going through your stuff after a flood, fire, or other disaster can be risky if you're not trained or equipped properly. That's why it's best to call in experts like Best Option Restoration of East Louisville for help. Our team knows how to handle emergencies like burst pipes, water damage, mold, sewage, fires, and storms safely.

Best Option Restoration of East Louisville specializes in restoring your belongings that were damaged in the disaster. Our specialists figure out what can be saved and what can't. Then, they clean, dry, and sanitize the things that can be rescued. Anything that's beyond repair gets disposed of responsibly. Our team knows when regular cleaning won't cut it, which is crucial because improperly cleaned items could be dangerous down the road.


Once we figure out which furniture and personal items can be saved, we start the recovery process. We use top-notch methods and high-tech gear, like an ultrasonic cleaning system, to clean and sanitize damaged items.

We try to clean as much as we can on-site by bringing in the necessary equipment. Large or heavily damaged items may need to be taken off-site for proper restoration. Don't worry, we handle these items with care to prevent any more damage. Once they're cleaned up and safe to use again, and your property is repaired, we'll return the items to you.


As part of our content restoration services, we make sure to remove anything that's too damaged to clean. Despite having top-notch equipment, some items may be too far gone due to fire or water damage.

If something can't be salvaged, we will remove them. How we dispose of these items varies. Some can be broken down and recycled, while others might need chemical treatment to make sure they're not harmful to the environment or anyone living nearby. Rest assured, our disposal methods ensure that these damaged items won't pose any future threats.

At Best Option Restoration of East Louisville, we take pride in our content cleaning process. If you've experienced a disaster at your home or business, we're here to help around the clock, every day of the year. Our restoration services are speedy, getting you back on track as soon as possible. Just give us a call at 502-203-6483 if you're dealing with damage from water, fire, smoke, mold, or any natural disaster. We handle the job from start to finish, so you only need to make one call. You'll be glad you did!


  1. Cleaning up soot
  2. Deodorizing and removing odors caused by smoke damage
  3. Drying out affected areas
  4. Sanitizing to ensure cleanliness and safety
  5. Using dry or wet cleaning methods
  6. Refinishing damaged items to restore their appearance and functionality

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