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Best Option Restoration of East Louisville is a leader in the water and fire damage restoration industry. We specialize in helping you restore your home or business after it has suffered damage caused by water, fire, smoke and mold. 

We proudly serve both residential and commercial customers in Louisville, KY and the surrounding areas, offering emergency water removal, water damage repair, dry out services, fire and smoke damage repair, mold remediation, content cleaning and more. 

As a certified, insured company, you can trust us to fully remediate the damage to your home or business safely and effectively. We are happy to assist you with your insurance claim, if you need us to. 

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In Louisville, Kentucky, swift restoration and cleanup services are vital during emergencies. As the largest city in the state and the 29th most populous in the U.S., Louisville holds significant historical and cultural importance. Situated on the border with Indiana, it serves as both the historical and nominal seat of Jefferson County since 2003.

Because Louisville sits near the Ohio River, it faces different environmental dangers. This makes it really important to quickly clean up and fix any damage to keep homes and communities safe. Services like fixing water damage or cleaning up after fires are crucial for keeping Louisville strong and its people secure.


The geographical expanse of Louisville and Jefferson County spans across 397.68 square miles (1,030.0 km²) in total. Among this vast area, 380.46 square miles (985.4 km²) constitute land, while water bodies cover 17.23 square miles (44.6 km²), representing approximately 4.33% of the combined area.

This diverse region includes various landscapes like cities, neighborhoods, rivers, and parks. The Ohio River adds to its beauty and offers recreational activities such as boating and fishing for residents and visitors.

In this vast region, Louisville and Jefferson County offer many attractions, such as parks, historic landmarks, and lively communities. The blend of land and water shapes the city's character and provides diverse experiences for residents and visitors alike.


In 2010, Louisville emerged as the prominent hub within Kentucky, boasting the distinction of being the state's largest city, encompassing a significant 17.1% share of the total population. Concurrently, the remaining areas accounted for 13.8% of the populace. It is noteworthy that during this period, Louisville's influence extended beyond its city limits, as evidenced by over one-third of Kentucky's population growth occurring within the counties comprising Louisville's Combined Statistical Area (CSA).

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